Frequently Asked Questions

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You may obtain your Official FMA Transcripts by writing to or contacting:
The Beazley Foundation
3720 Brighton Street
Portsmouth, VA 23707-3902
Phone: (757) 393-1605
NOTE: You must send a signed letter of request which includes your date of graduation or attendance, social security number, your return address and a fee. You can visit the Beazley Foundation website for the most up to date information.

To register for the site, simply fill out the registration form or choose social login (presently limited to Facebook or Google). If you fill out the registration form, you will need to follow the link sent to your email address in order to activate your account. If it doesn’t show up in a few minutes- check your promotions or spam folder.

Please be aware we will check for your name as it appeared in the yearbooks, it is important that you edit your member profile to reflect the year or years you attended FMA, what grade you were in for those who only attended for one year or did not graduate from FMA, which yearbook your name and / or photo with your name in the caption appears or any other physical proof of who you say you are.

If you were a teacher or other support person who worked on campus, please submit your name, title and the year or years you worked at FMA. The more information you provide, the faster we can verify your alumnus status. Paying your Alumni Association dues is not a requirement to receive your access to the site. HOWEVER, in the future  individuals who have paid their dues may have access to features on the website reserved only for them in addition to savings and discounts which association members in good standing receive.

ALL ALUMNI ARE ENTITLED TO ACCESS. Paying the Association dues has no effect on one receiving their password; however, there are additional benefits to becoming an Alumni Association Member. Also, continued access to the site is incumbent upon observing the Terms and Conditions of the site.

We regret to inform you that Frederick Military Academy closed in June 1985; therefore we…

  • have no brochures
  • have no school for him or her to attend.

The present Website Architect and host is Bill Laakkonen, class of ’81  Original site design for the first decade was provided by Richard Abrams.  Cadet Harris provided continued expansion of the site in size and scope from about 2008 until his passing.  The principals of the Alumni Association reside primarily in the Tidewater area of Virginia. Mr. Rufus Outland, Ray Wittersheim, John Sires, and John Lash could be considered as the backbone of the Alumni Association. There are many other silent members of the Association who have influenced its well-being and have helped by contributing many personal hours, hardware and software to make this website a reality. Even though the webmaster is given artistic liberty with the design, much of the content of the site still needs approval by the Alumni Association to insure that FMA and the Alumni Association are represented in a positive manner.

We don’t have them yet. Many photos are unidentified. Some were discovered in a dark room drawer with no clue as to when they were taken. The new web site features many of these lesser known photos. ANY personal photos you may have from the years not represented would make a great contribution, if you’ll allow us to borrow them long enough to scan them or send us your scanned images in digital format. Regrettably, it would be impossible to make this site a virtual copy of every FMA Yearbook. Therefore, not every photo ever taken will be posted.  If you think your photo is too badly damaged to use, submit it any way as several submissions started out in pretty bad shape but after some digital manipulation, turned out very nice.