FMA Sports Highlights 1959 to 1969

The Rufus Outland Sports Center is dedicated to Coach Rufus P. Outland, who served as both coach (1961-1978) and Athletic Director at Frederick Military Academy.


1959 Highlights

  • E. V. Meadows was the first college basketball coach amassing a 12-7 record.
  • Dick L. Franklin was the first high school basketball coach with a record of 2-6. He was also the Chairman of the Business Department.
  • Frederick had a swim team in 1959 with 15 members coached by Preston Doyle. They practice and hold meets at the Portsmouth YMCA. Their record remains unknown. He was also the Chairman of the History and Political Science Department.

1960 Highlights

  • In 1960 football comes to Frederick as does Tom Mosely to assist Coach Meadows. Their record is
  • Coach Doyle continues to coach the swim team in 1960.
  • The 1960 varsity basketball team under the direction of Coach Meadows and goes 9-2. 
  • 1960 finds a new coach for junior varsity basketball. Tom Mosely joins the staff.
  • 1960 saw baseball come to FMA. Coach is not known.

1961 Highlights

  • The 1961 baseball teem was led by Coach M. G. Wellington.
  • 1961 Varsity basket baal continues to be coached by Coach Meadows.
  • Wrestling comes to FNA in 1961 coached by Coach Roy Ayres , with 9 members.
  • The 1961 swim team contuses under Preston W. Doyle but adds an assistant coach – Mike Bentley. They have 15 members.
  • There is no junior varsity team mentioned in 1961.

1962 Highlights

  • In 1962 Rufus P. Outland joined the coaching staff. He is designated the Head Football Coach. He is joined by coach Bob Hodges. Coach Outland also takes over the varsity basketball team. They finish 5-8.
  • The 1962 junior varsty team is coached by Capt. Jacobsen.
  • The swim team is coaches by Bill Fisher in 1962.
  • The 1962 wrestling team has 10 members. Roy Ayres is still coach.
  • Junior varsity wrestling comes to FNA in 1962 and goes 2-2-1. They may be coached by Charlie Thomas.
  • Gus Evans goes undefeated in wrestling in 1962.

1963 Highlights

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1964 Highlights

  • The 1964 football team goes 10-0 under the quarterbacking of Al Woodall who would go on to take the New York Giants of the NFL to a Super Bowl victory.
  • The 1964 team scored 292 points, while getting 151 first downs. They completed 64 of 128 passes (50%) while the opposition scored 33 points while making 64 first downs. Their pass rate was only 29 of 99.
  • The coaches were Mac Mkinney, Emory Davis and Daughtery during the 1964 season.
  • The junior varsity team 1964 was coached by Coach Lindsey. Their record was 3-2 with two games cancelled.
  • The varsity basketball team was coached in 1964 by Rufus P. Outland and he compiled a record of 12-8.
  • Coach Daughtery coached the junior varsity in 1964.
  • Wrestling had 12-4 record in 1964 and Cadet Kennedy went undefeated. Roy Ayres is coach.
  • Junior varsity wrestling is coached by Capt. Cassell in 1964.

1965 Highlights

  • 1965 saw Emory Davis coach the varsity football teat to a 9-2 season. Tom Daugherty, Mac MCkinney, and Rod Hollowell were assistant coaches.
  • Coach Outland coached the varsity basketball team to a 12-6 record in 1965.
  • Coach Tom Daughtery coached the junior varsity team in 1965.
  • Coach Roy Ayres coached the varsity wrestling team to a 5-6 record in 1965.
  • Lt. Ross coached the junior varsity team in 1965.